Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mid-NiGht Summertime Poetry

you can't begin to comprehend how i'm feel' N
brotha ya feel me
its summer time
and i'm my grind
once again
back like i never left
like NO grand theft
hard to overstand like spider-man
you feel me
while me and mary jane
go in and out up and down
i'll always love her
even now when i feel that she's dead
come back and love me
i'm delirious
i was gettin some head, ;-D
I'm still love drunk
though you don't love me
see the punch stunk so much
that it made me high?
ferment much
such and such
i was talkin to robert marley
he said pass the dutch,
can you see the
in three
no 4
NO 5 D
the 5th dymention
i'm there i have surpassed them all
cant wait til this heat turns to fall, i'll trade it all
for YOU..
FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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